Monday, August 17, 2009

Forever 21 - why?

Forever 21, my favorite store, has been letting me down lately. These recent mishaps have been getting on my nerves and now I'm going to voice them as respectfully as I can. The list I'm about to provide are my questionings of Forever 21's taste in attire to advertise as "fashion".

Unfortunately the first item I cannot find a picture of, but please believe me when I ask you to go to Forever Love at the Westfarms Mall by the Starbucks stand and look for this THING they're trying to sell: rainbow sequined berets. What. The. Hell. This wasn't a "few scattered sequins" - this beret was the kind sold at halloween costume warehouses. This didn't belong there. Daylynn will vouch for me when I say we saw a RAINBOW SEQUIN BERET. Christ.

Second item: The Sprinkle skirt. Just because you love sprinkles doesn't mean you should wear them. Even worse, elasic waist.

While we're at it, third item: Elastic waist jeans. Okay, maybe if you are in elementary school. Or pregnant. But seriously, what?
Then this made things even worse: The Parka article.
"How do you wear a Parka? You don't." - Daylynn
As Daylynn and I also observed, Forever 21 has been abusing plaid and peep toe shoes. Not all shoes need to have a peep toe. In fact, this french bootie would be just PERFECT without a peep toe. And this outburst of plaid not only makes me reminisce of my days of plaid skirts that I voluntarily wore in high school and lumberjacks, but also makes me vow to not wear anything plaid. Think I'm extreme? I don't even go to an overly liberal and artsy college where plaid (or even better, GINGHAM) is like a uniform. Why not add the scarf?

Have you worn a plaid shirt and leggings yet?

I have seen this look so often I don't even think it's a personal style anymore - it's not even main stream, it's now like a uniform for girls. Look, this outfit is cute but I believe girls really need to try going beyond the basic plaid/leggings/scarf trend and really try to make it their own. Because of my distaste for plaid I prefer to wear solid or striped button-downs. Try ditching the scarf (unless its cold) for a long necklace (or layer them!). Add a belt and please don't wear that button down plaid shirt that's short enough to COMPLETELY expose your ass that you think is being modest beneath tight leggings; you really look insecure about yourself and demand everyone to gape at your butt. I say this because at my school, girls do this often and they look terrible. Leggings are a step up from tights, but they are not pants. As far as I'm concerned, the ass could be peeking out a little but should not be on parade in your dumb leggings. If you want your ass to be the main display of your existan-BODY, then wear yoga pants. I'll just wait to see you on What Not to Wear.

Oh, and Forever 21? The late 80's and early 90's fashion you're trying to sell? Don't. A girl will never be attractive because of a huge shirt, a manly vest, and elastic waist jeans. I'm just holding my breath for the return of the catsuit. Avoid that bandwagon and throw rotten fruit at it!

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