Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thunder + biking = questionable.

Imagine tanning in your back yard, soaking in the rays, and hearing thunder in the air. I was glad I didn't have work today because riding my bike during an impending storm seemed possibly fatal. Yes, I do ride a bike to work on account of good weather. I find it curious how often people find that admirable like I'm making a statement when I confess that I ride a bike for a half-hour trek to work that should be fifteen minutes by car. I'm not actively trying to get in shape, I'm not trying to save money -- I'm just trying to get by having a summer job with no car of my own.

Lucky for me, bicycles are "in style" - I don't understand how they could be out of style because they do wonders for your body, they're fun to go around in and hippy activists will bless you for saving the environment. Nonetheless, page 32 in July 2009 Bazaar and Vogue are all over this fad, encouraging women to be chic and pedal around town in fancy and/or vintage bicycles with designer bags. And apparently heels.

My bike does not looks this cool.

I ride my mother's old bike from the 80's (possibly earlier) with three gears and tires not meant for rocky terrain. It is similar to this picture I Googled:

Not as rusty.

I mean, sure bikes aren't fun when you're going several towns over, when the weather is bad, or when you need to carpool people. However, going over just to visit a friend or pick up a few things at the store will help you "go green" and be good exercise. To make your bike more useful and cute like Mary-Kate:

Where's Toto?

...You can purchase cute bike baskets at REI.com or cheaper ones at Target, K-Mart, and Amazon.com.

Simple wire baskets can come as cheap as twelve dollars! And if you want to get back in touch with your childhood, try a flowery mini basket. And of course, if the first step you need to take is to have a bicycle, there's always good ol' wikiHow to show you the way on How to Choose a Bicycle.

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