Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Hope ya still like me..."

Naturally when things are actually going on I don't blog about them, but the dust is almost done settling until it gets kicked next week.

Let me clear a few things up: yes, I landed a receptionist job in Manhattan. Yes, my sister, after long hours of stress and determination fueled by Starbucks and the excitement of living with me, found an apartment for us to share in Murray Hill. I'll be moved into my own room completely by June.

I've been trying to imagine what my room - my new HOME will look like. I don't want another dorm room suffocated under collages - I want to hang up frames with photos and art. I don't want a hole in the wall like I did in Bed-Stuy. I really want my little room to feel like my first home as an adult in the real world.

I should probably be more worried about what I'm going to wear in New York, but I figured I'd just toss all of my black dresses and high heels in my vintage Samsonite suitcase and hope for the best.

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