Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finals finished and digging for DIYs

First, I do not know where this has been all my life, but: WTForever21 has now become a scholarly reference that confirms the mistakes Forever21 produces.

But please continue producing cute, cheap clothes, F21. Everyone has their faults, but we still love you. Lots. Also, **Congrats to my friend who is now one of the few, the proud, the strong, elite members of the Forever21 sales staff!**

Since finals is over and studying is no longer necessary of me for a few precious weeks, the creative outlet has been bursting so I started slow with the virtual ugly Christmas sweater website, where one can design their own hideous sweater (but sadly never purchase it).

I have started knitting Fortinbras's sweater but since I've been turning my laptop on in short intervals before the fan goes off, I've been able to start rummaging the internet for possibly DIY projects. Faux fur booties are something I might make with less outrageous faux-pelt choice, I need to find a fashionista friend who would sport a camel cape since capes aren't really my thing, and I kind of would like to try making this again after my first attempt at a Sunday morning RC crafts. This is a lot of work but looks like a fun thing to do on a winter day (I'd probably do the binder over the cork board since most of my friends are moving out of dorms and will be living in real places soon).

In any case, creative juices must start flowing and these will certainly help jump-start them!

This is my last winter break. Ever. :(

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