Monday, August 30, 2010

Stellar start. Sarcasm? It's up to you.

I feel like it would be good if I started writing vaguely about the strange situations I end up in when I'm with my friends -- however, a lot of the stuff, I feel, is either a) private or b) better told in person (you feel like you're really are there with our artful inflections, pauses and selective phrasing). Thus I will give small details that will give you an idea of whether the night was a thumbs up or thumbs down and let you ponder about how we got there and what happened after. Deal?

Dylan picked me up at the Lynchburg station at 7:39pm and was decked out in elongated hoop earrings and some shiny bronze party top. You think this would have tipped me off about what was to come but I found nothing strange about this.

"So because of circumstances," she said, "We're going to Virginia Tech from here."
"What? Where am I going to change? Where is my stuff going to go?"
"In my car."
"I hate you. Let's go."

After much dancing, walking and awkward moments ("We're leaving." "We should have taken the Snuggie!") I found myself at 3:00am curled up in the two front seats of PT cruiser half awake with Dylan in the backseat in need of an alcohol exorcist.

So only naturally around 6:00am, we remember that we were supposed to crash at someone's house. After (only slightly) terrifying a girl by breaking and entering, we managed to be welcomed to an air mattress of a nice girl that neatly fit all three of us. Oh air mattress -- I know you well. Especially when you're only half-way filled with air.

Moving in the today was beastly work but it happened -- I'm proud the only things I forgot at home were my F21 heels and a pillow. I didn't know I forgot a pillow until after I came back from Wal-Mart. Tonight my make-shift head rester is a Vera Bradley duffel.

On a more personal note:

Dear Fox Floor 2 of 2008-2009,

Remember that project we did of collaging the entire hallway?

It looked a little like this.

I'm doing it again in my room. Cheers.

My manicure lasted a full life of three days. I don't know why I even bother.

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