Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brief recesses of Tetris = better thinking

This weekend I realized that I am actually required to do some expository writing for one of my classes and two pieces of such are due this Monday. Hm. You mean I'm not on a three month vacation?

Collecting my materials, I'm reading the questions asked of me:

"In Romantics, Rebels and Revolutionaries (1981) Marilyn Butler argued that ‘Otranto looks uncommonly like an attempt to graft onto the novel – the modern form concerned with money, possessions, status, circumstance - the heightened passions, elemental situations and stylised poetic techniques of the Elizabethan dramatists’ (p.21). Explore the relationship between early gothic as a genre and the writing of the Elizabethan dramatists"


My mind has turned to absolute rubbish (+2 assimilation points) over the summer and that extra month given to me to just hang around and read a lot. I read the question twice and literally hear the wheels screech as they become active again. Relate the gothic genre to Elizabethan dramatists' writing style. Okay, that's not too hard. As I have been taught, I scribble ideas and facts and scratch out lines to make them coherent. A few minutes later, I'm staring blankly at a white screen with an impatient blinking line, waiting to see if I have anything worthwhile to write. I don't. Somehow I want to relate Kurt Vonnegut's explaination of drama to my presentation but I can't find a way to link it correctly. I play Tetris and suddenly things become clearer. I write a few more sentences then play Tetris again. Of course! Tetris makes you smarter.

How silly of me to think I could just dive headfirst into academic writing again without playing a few rounds of Tetris Sprint first. Ridiculous.

In other news, I've been invited to a silent disco the 23rd. Thoughts?

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